Buddha statue

The physical features of Buddha

[su_label type=”info”]The way to discriminate a statue whether Buddha or not[/su_label]   There are some arguments when Buddha was born and dead. His birth is thought as from B.C. 7th to B.C. 5 and it is said he died at eighty. After his passing away, people had worshiped his bones, stupa(tomb), and footprints as a religious object Read more about The physical features of Buddha[…]

The Great Buddha at Todaiji

Nyorai(Tathāgata) for Japanese Buddha statue

[su_label type=”info”]What is a Nyorai(Tathāgata)?[/su_label]   “Nyorai” (如来)is the figure of the Buddha(Shakyamuni), who achieved enlightenment. The statues represent the figure of him. When you want to distinguish whether a statue is Buddha’s figure or not, 32 distinct physical features and 80 fine one, “Sanjunisou-Hachijishukou“(三十二相八十種好) will help you. After the trainning, “Bosatsu”(菩薩) is finally able to be Read more about Nyorai(Tathāgata) for Japanese Buddha statue[…]