Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts

Arita, Kiyomizu, Kutani, and Hagi pottery and porcelain sake cup sets from Amazon.com       A ceramic is a most popular drinking ware when the people drink sake in Japan. Though there are choko or guinomi cups of tin or glass, they are just for the cold sake and not for hot. On that point, we can enjoy both cold and hot the Japanese rice wine with the pottery or porcelain sake cups. Furthermore, there are all sorts of ceramic sake cups, it is fun to choose. When you have sets of the cups, the drinking with the family or friends would be more enjoyable! I would like to show Read more about Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts[…]

Japanese Kiyomizu porcelain lucky cat figurines

Traditional Kiyomizu (Kyo)-Yaki ceramic for the lucky cat Maneki-neko     One of the most popular and traditional lucky item in Japan is Maneki-neko (beckoning cat). The lucky cat figurine has stood in the shops or homes for more than 300 years all over the country. Actually, the reason why the waving cat became to be loved is not clear.   According to one estimate, the fuedal lord Ii Naotaka (1590-1659) dropped Gotokuji Temple on the way back from the falconry because a waving cat invited him at the gate of the temple. When he received the treat and preaching, it suddenly started to rain so hard. Naotaka appreciated the Read more about Japanese Kiyomizu porcelain lucky cat figurines[…]

Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki Japanese tea sets (kyusu and yunomi) for sale

Authentic Kiyomizu ware Japanese tea sets Actually, Kyoto is famous for having the area’s historic sites including the temples and shrines.   World Heritage Site of the temples in Kyoto   But the cultural district also has many specialties. One of that is Japanese green tea. A green tea in Kyoto, Uji-cha (宇治茶) has more than 800 years history. The high-class green tea is often used for the tea ceremony.   The classic green tea brought forth a beautiful pottery. That is Kiyomizu-yaki (Kyo-yaki).     Japanese tea sets of Kiyomizu-yaki !Limited Stocks!   The Tale of Genji “The Tale of Genji” is the masterpiece literature written by Musaraki-shikibu in the Read more about Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki Japanese tea sets (kyusu and yunomi) for sale[…]