Hina dolls

Hina dolls for Japanese Girls Festival (Hinamiatsuri)

What is the traditional Hina-ningyo (Hina doll)     When various flowers begin to bloom, March 3rd is the day of Hina-matsuri (the Festival of Dolls/the Girl’s Festival). It is a festival when Japanese family display hina dolls and pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. The Hina-ningyo used to be displayed on a stand with several levels like stairs in old days. But today, the doll sets are smaller with fewer dolls to be suitable for Japanese houses.        Hina-matsuri (the Girls Festival)     The origin of the Hina-matsuri dates back to “Joshi-setsu” which occurred in ancient China around 300 years. “Joshi” is the meaning of the day in Read more about Hina dolls for Japanese Girls Festival (Hinamiatsuri)[…]