Waterfowl of the Winter Beach by Kanō Sansetsu

"Waterfowl of the Winter Beach" by Kanō Sansetsu

Right Screen
Right Screen
Left Screen

The most striking of these two screens is the silver waves. It is considered to be made by piling up each wave with whitewash and coating it with silver mud from the top. This is an unprecedented technique. Kanō Sansetsu (1589–1651) used a complex mixture of blue-gold or red-gold mud and gold-colored sand for the base and clouds, sometimes with small pieces of gold leaf. Most of the work was done by a gold leaf engineer, and the master of the Kano school drew a plover like a geometric pattern and a bent pine tree like a bonsai. The blue sky is also impressive.

Title: Waterfowl of the Winter Beach

Size: 154.0cm×358.0cm

Author: Kanō Sansetsu

Year: First half of the 17th century

Own: Individual possession

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