Top quality Hanashyo’s Edo-kiriko guinomi sake cups from Amazon

Most fine and elegant Japanese cut glass guinomi cups of Hanashyo



Edo Kiriko Guinomi (Sake Glass) Hanashyo


The history of Edo-kiriko started in the middle of 1800’s and the current cut glass craftsmen take over the technique. Furthermore, they improve the design by trial and error. Especially, the glassware of Hanashyo is very famous for the beautiful colors and fine carving. The Japanese government gave the wine glasses of Hanashyo to the state guests on G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2008.



Since the establishment in 1946, the Edo-kiriko company have produced the glassware focusing overseas market. That made the company more sensitive for the current of the time around the world.



A guinomi is the traditional Japanese drinking ware for cold sake. There are many forms, colors, and materials (see also the guinomi cups of Hagi-yaki pottery, Imari-yaki pottery,  Nousaku tin products). The guinomi of the cut glass company has really elegant forms, carving, and colors. It’s just the combination of the traditional technique and modern taste.



Hanashyo’s Edo-kiriko sake cups from



Light blue with cherry blossom pink



Edo Kiriko Guinomi (Sake Glass)






Edo Kiriko Guinomi (Sake Glass): Blue







Edo Kiriko Guinomi (Sake Glass): Green






Edo Kiriko Guinomi (Sake Glass): Brown






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