Kitagawa Utamaro’s art woodblcok prints of Okita

Naniwa-ya Okita, one of the most famous model of Utamaro’s woodblock prints Among the <a title=”“Ukiyo-e” – introduction and famous artists of Japanese woodblock printings” href=””>ukiyo-e</a> artists in Japan, <a title=”Kitagawa Utamaro. The expert of beautiful woman ukiyo-e” href=””>Kitagawa Utamaro</a> was second to none in beautiful woman portrait(bijinga). He painted various pictures of middle class women in Edo, but especially Naniwa-ya Okita appeared in many works.  But originally she was only a town girl. The woman who is in the right of “Three beauties of the present day” Three beauties of the present day “Three beauties of the present day“ (当世三美人)  is well known for people as well as his ukiyo-e pictures of woman reading letter, playing Read more about Kitagawa Utamaro’s art woodblcok prints of Okita[…]

Kitagawa Utamaro; biography and print artworks

Biography of Kitagawa Utamaro(1753?-1806) When talking about portraying beautiful women of ukiyo-e prints, we can’t describe it without touching on Kitagawa Utamaro (喜多川歌麿). He developed the new ways to draw Edo women and it made him as a maestro of bijinga(printing of beautiful women portrait).         It is unclear when and where he was born exactly but the most experts think his birthplace as Edo(Tokyo). From the beginning, he had the family name Kitagawa but the different kanji “北川”.     He studied the drawing under Toriyama Sekien(鳥山石燕), who produced the famous ukiyo-e artworks of the monsters, in his childhood.    In 1775, he experienced the working of ukiyo-e, “Forty-eight Famous Read more about Kitagawa Utamaro; biography and print artworks[…]