Japanese culture in Nara Period. The Tenpyo Culture

Nara Period and the ancient capital, Heijo-kyo [su_label type=”black”]What is Nara Period[/su_label] In 710, the capital in Asuka Period was moved to Nara. It was the end of Asuka Period and the start of the completely different time. The new capital was named as Heijo-kyo(平城京). And the leaders at that time planned to imitate the regime of Read more about Japanese culture in Nara Period. The Tenpyo Culture[…]


Japanese literatures and poetry

[su_label type=”info”]Overview[/su_label]     [su_label type=”black”]Mith and history book[/su_label] The history of Japanese literature began at Nara Period. The oldest book in Japan is “Records of Ancient Matters/Kojiki(古事記)”. The content of “Kojiki” is myth and history of ancient Japan from the origin of the country to the real emperors.     It was compiled in Read more about Japanese literatures and poetry[…]