Utagawa Hiroshige: biography and woodblock print artworks

Biography of Utagawa(Ando) Hiroshige(1797-1858)     The outstanding ukiyo-e artist, Utagawa (Ando) Hiroshige<歌川(安藤) 広重> was born in 1797 as the son of the official fire fighter Ando Gen-emon. His landscape woodblock printings took many Edo citizens all over Japan. However, he was not from the class of tradesmen and artisans.       Ando family belonged to the class of samurai.  The eldest son Tokutaro(Hiroshige’s childhood name)  should have succeeded his father’s job, but he really liked to draw pictures.   In 1809, he lost parents and inherited the work of fire fighter to make a living when he was only 13. It is said that the atmosphere of loneliness in his ukiyo-e artworks is influenced by having Read more about Utagawa Hiroshige: biography and woodblock print artworks[…]

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