Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts

Arita, Kiyomizu, Kutani, and Hagi pottery and porcelain sake cup sets from Amazon.com       A ceramic is a most popular drinking ware when the people drink sake in Japan. Though there are choko or guinomi cups of tin or glass, they are just for the cold sake and not for hot. On that point, we can enjoy both cold and hot the Japanese rice wine with the pottery or porcelain sake cups. Furthermore, there are all sorts of ceramic sake cups, it is fun to choose. When you have sets of the cups, the drinking with the family or friends would be more enjoyable! I would like to show Read more about Ceramic sake cup sets from 4 Japanese traditional crafts[…]

Katakuchi sake bowls from Japanese tradtional crafts

Katakuchi sake servers of the Japanese ceramic, tin product, and cut glass Commonly, the Japanese people temporarily pour sake water in a bottle (tokkuri) or server (katakuchi) before they drink it with a cup (choko or guinomi). When they drink sake, they enjoy not only the taste of the water but also the feeling of the vessels.    A katakuchi has a long history in the country. It was excavated from the ruin of Heijokyo which was the capital of the Nara Period (710-794). Since then, the times and circumstances have made the katakuchis of the various materials. Earthenware, wood, porcelain, tin, and glass.   The katakuchi of the kanji is Read more about Katakuchi sake bowls from Japanese tradtional crafts[…]

Hagi-yaki Japanese Matcha bowls for sale

Hagi ware pottery, born for Matcha chawan cups In Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1568-1600), the long provincial war in Japan was about to end. The influential daimyos and samurais had to have the social skills for building up the good hierarchical or diplomatic relationships.   What most of them could do was the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony had been completed by Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591). Above all, he emphasised to have the mind of quiet simplicity and subdued refinement. That is “Wabi” and “Sabi”.   Even after Rikyu died, many daimyos and samurais tried to realize his teaching. Hagi ware is exactly the pottery which takes a form to express wabi and sabi.  Read more about Hagi-yaki Japanese Matcha bowls for sale[…]

Ceramic sake bottles of Hagi ware pottery

Traditional Hagi-yaki for the Japanese sake flask tokkuri and katakuchi When it comes to the Japanese ceramics, there are the various producing areas. And each of them has the characters. If you look for a sake bottle which has simple and profound charm, I recommend Hagi ware.   Compared with Imari (Arita) ware or Kutani ware, the rugged appearances would project the image of an unpolished pottery.    Transparent Imari (Arita) ware sake cups and sets Elegant Kutani ware sake cups and sets   But it’s not true. Hagi ware was born to express the spirits of “wabi” and “sabi”. They, emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement, are the Japanese traditional Read more about Ceramic sake bottles of Hagi ware pottery[…]

Hagi ware pottery sake cups you can buy at Amazon

Japanese traditional earthware sake cups What kind of drinking ware when you taste sake? Just like a wine glass or beer cup, the kind of the sake cups (guinomi/choko) make the taste different. It is due to the materials, shapes, and even colors.   Imari (Arita) ware sake cups Kutani ware sake cups Edo-kiriko glass sake cups   The feature of the Hagi ware is “shibui” when I express it with a Japanese word. It is low-keyed and aesthetic. Because the pottery was born from the spirits of “wabi” and “sabi” at the tea ceremony.   They don’t have flowery colors and patterns like Imari-yaki or Kutani-yaki, or glitter like an Edo-kiriko. Read more about Hagi ware pottery sake cups you can buy at Amazon[…]

Japanese pottery tea sets of Hagi ware, buy online

Japanese pottery Hagi ware sets of yunomi (tea cups) and kyusu (teapot)   Why don’t you enjoy drinking Japanese green tea while feeling the mind of “wabi” and “sabi”? They which originated from the tea ceremony express one of the Japanese cultures.   The gorgeous ceramic wares Imari (Arita) or Kutani have been popular around the world ever since Momoyama Period (1568-1600).   Imari (Arita) ware Japanese tea sets Kutani ware Japanese tea sets     But Hagi-yaki was invented for the tea ceremony originally. So it gets rid of unnecessary things. Simple and subdued with tanned, gray, or white colors.   If the tea cups get cracked…   Hagi ware   Origin During Read more about Japanese pottery tea sets of Hagi ware, buy online[…]

Hagi-yaki ceramic Japanese traditional style tea cups

Yunomi cups of Hagi ware pottery   In the early 17th century, the long Age of Civil Wars in Japan finally finished. The tea ceremony became popular among the samurai in a high status. Accordingly, they made much of the tea things including the bowls.   Many daimyos ordered the potters to create their original pottery ware for tea bowls. Hagi-yaki was one of the ceramics.   So it doesn’t have rich colors like an Imari (Arita) ware or Kutani ware. They express the mind of “wabi” and “sabi” which are essential for a tea ceremony. A Hagi ware improves with use.   It is the best Japanese pottery for drinking Japanese green Read more about Hagi-yaki ceramic Japanese traditional style tea cups[…]