Japanese calligraphy hanging scroll for interior decoration

Kakejiku hanging scroll of calligraphy for Japanese style interior           Calligraphy is an art whose purpose is to express yourself through brushes and paper.  In addition to the stroke order and the way to hold a brush, various skills infinitely broaden the traditional world. Indeed, it is the truth of writing.         Three points for appreciating a work of calligraphy     Perspective The balance and margins of the whole character are important elements. How does the overall arrangement of the vertical and horizontal matched? How is the combination of ink’s black and paper’s white?     Meaning of character The meaning of the Read more about Japanese calligraphy hanging scroll for interior decoration[…]

The culture of Heian Period in Japan

The culture of aristocracy/ Kokufu Culture(国風文化) After the accession to the throne, the Emperor Kanmu(桓武天皇) moved the capital from Nagaoka-Kyo to Heian-Kyo, Kyoto, in 794. The event finished the Nara Period and its culture(Tenpyo Culture) , instead of starting Heian Period(平安時代).        The inflow of the culture from the Asian Continent came to an end with the abolition of the envoy to Tang Dynasty China in 894. It fostered the unique culture that the nobles created delicate and sophisticated Kokufu Culture. Kokufu means the original style of Japan.              After the introducing of Buddhism in Asuka Period , it gradually became familiar with the native Japanese religion Shinto in Nara Period. And people Read more about The culture of Heian Period in Japan[…]

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