Chusonji Temple (World Heritage) at Hiraizumi, Iwate

Peaceful Konjikido (Golden Hall) of Chusonji Temple     In Heian Period, there was a country in the Tohoku Region, which was independent of the central government of Kyoto.   The culture of Heian Period   That was Hiraizumi ruled under Oshu Fujiwara Clan. Still today, the body of three generation kings who built the prosperity of the country is settled in Konjikido (Golden Hall) of Chusonji Temple, which is registered as a World Heritage Site.   Let’s learn about Chusonji Temple that the famous haiku poet of the Edo period, Matsuo Basho also visited.     World Heritage Site Chusonji Temple     The country of Fujiwara Clan   In 850, Read more about Chusonji Temple (World Heritage) at Hiraizumi, Iwate[…]