Japanese gold pottery repairing, Kintsugi

Kintsugi (Kintsukuroi), filling broken pottery’s cracks with gold Not only brings new life into a broken vessel but also enhances its existence value. That’s Kintsugi (Kintsukuroi).  In other words, the gold repairing pottery method is a Japanese sense of values expressed by their own sense of beauty and technology, with a long-cherished mind and a long love for one thing. Kintsugi began in the world of the tea ceremony during the Muromachi period (1336-1573), when tea ceremony became popular in Japan. The Japanese called the repaired scars of broken ceramic as “landscape”. There was a time when we were conscious of beauty there. In modern times, they have become a Read more about Japanese gold pottery repairing, Kintsugi[…]

Facts about Japanese kimono clothing

The description and facts of Japanese traditional clothing kimono Kimono is a costume unique to Japan and is considered a national costume. In the kimono, the Japanese culture is condensed. Blessed with rich nature that changes its appearance every season, Japanese people cultivated their sense of beauty in a lifestyle that values nature. The sense of beauty is expressed everywhere in the design of the kimono. The facts about kimono introduced below may be something that Japanese people probably do not know.   Related Posts The history of Kimono   The types of Kimono       The features of kimono   The way of cloth cutting for kimono is Read more about Facts about Japanese kimono clothing[…]

8 missing a loved one lyrics poems by Japanese ancient poets

8 love and loss Tanka poems in Japanese and English   Of Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets which gathered the famous Tanka poems in Japan, 43 has a theme of love.  In particular, poetry related to lost love is a work with a strong message nature, in which the painful or painful feelings are contained in short phrases. I would like to introduce eight poets’ sad poems about heartbreak from this anthology of masterpieces in Japanese and English.       Sagami   <Japanese> うらみわび ほさぬ袖だに あるものを 恋に朽ちなむ 名こそ惜しけれ Urami wabi/ Hosanu sode dani/ Arumono wo/ Koi ni kuchi nam/ Na koso oshi kere   <English> Never forgive you My long-sleeve Always get Read more about 8 missing a loved one lyrics poems by Japanese ancient poets[…]

5 unique ideas of luxury gift for men from Japanese culture

Wonderful high-quality items of Japanese culture goes well with men   A present given to a special man. If you are thinking of giving something a little extra luxury and you are looking for something unusual, you may find it on this page. Japanese art and crafts that inherit the old culture and technology should be new to him. Also, although it is traditional culture, some of the crafts in Japan incorporate contemporary design. So you may also feel a sense of familiarity. I would like to introduce works unique to Japan, including Samurai swords (Nihon-to) and helmets (Kabuto), and pottery with powerful patterns, best for gifts for men.   Read more about 5 unique ideas of luxury gift for men from Japanese culture[…]

Raku ware tea bowls of Kyo-Kiyomizu ware for sale

Raku Matcha bowls, traditional lead glazed earthenware pottery from Kyoto Prefecture on Amazon.com   Do you know that Matcha bowls have classes? For Koicha ( exceptionally dark Matcha) of the tea ceremony, it is the rule to choose the high-class tea bowls. Basically, a plain Matcha bowls is high grade and the one with the pattern is lower. And there is a proverb in the world of the tea ceremony. “First Raku, second Hagi, and third Karatsu”. They are proper pottery for the tea ceremony.   Related Post   Hagi ware is the pottery from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and Karatsu ware is from Saga Prefecture.  Related Post   But the most Read more about Raku ware tea bowls of Kyo-Kiyomizu ware for sale[…]

Japanese calligraphy hanging scroll for interior decoration

Kakejiku hanging scroll of calligraphy for Japanese style interior           Calligraphy is an art whose purpose is to express yourself through brushes and paper.  In addition to the stroke order and the way to hold a brush, various skills infinitely broaden the traditional world. Indeed, it is the truth of writing.         Three points for appreciating a work of calligraphy     Perspective The balance and margins of the whole character are important elements. How does the overall arrangement of the vertical and horizontal matched? How is the combination of ink’s black and paper’s white?     Meaning of character The meaning of the Read more about Japanese calligraphy hanging scroll for interior decoration[…]

Luxury Japanese Kyo-Kiyomizu pottery tea cups for sale

High-quality tea cups of Kyo-Kiyomizu yaki ceramics on Amazon.com   The origin of the Kyo-Kiyomizu ware pottery dates back more than 1200 years in Kyoto. The soft colors and warm appearance are the features of the traditional ceramic. Unlike Arita Yaki and Kutani Yaki, this pottery has no fixed type. Kiyomizu-yaki is made in the Kiyomizu area in Kyoto Prefecture, and Kyo-yaki is made in the prefecture. There are various patterns of the pottery because the styles differ depending on the craftsmen.         If the tea cups get cracked…   High-quality Kyo-Kiyomizu pottery tea (coffee) cups        Cups     Yellow Flower arabesque       Red Read more about Luxury Japanese Kyo-Kiyomizu pottery tea cups for sale[…]

Phoenix pattern pottery from Japan

Traditional Japanese porcelains with phoenix pattern that you can buy on Amazon.com       The phoenix, which appears in mythology from ancient Egypt to Greece, is a legendary bird that has lived for 500 years and is dead from the ashes. On the other hand, as another source in Asia, there has been an auspicious imaginary bird called 鳳凰 about 3000 years ago. Even to Japan, which adopted various Chinese cultures, 鳳凰 came and it was incorporated into various designs as a symbol of good luck. Japanese people have called the bird “Ho-o”.   The figure is somewhat different from that of the western one. The Asian phoenix has a Read more about Phoenix pattern pottery from Japan[…]

Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts

High-quality Japanese products for Mother’s Day gift   Mother’s Day in 2019 is May 12th. There are a lot of gift items for the day at the various stores, but it’s an annual event so you’d wonder what to give to your mother. Then why not give a gift with a different taste once in a while? Of course, it is perfect if your mother is interested in Japan. We will introduce you to Mother’s Day from among Japanese crafts with a long history and tradition, from Amazon.com.       Pottery Vase     Arita/Imari ware Arita/Imari ware vase. The Japanese oldest porcelain made in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. Read more about Mother’s Day special gift from traditional Japanese crafts[…]

Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts

High-quality gift of kitchen goods of the traditional craft for those who love cooking     When you think about giving special gifts to your mother or cook lover, Japanese traditional crafts would be perfect. Electrical appliances made in Japan are very popular, but not well-known, there are high-quality kitchen knives and cast irons in that country. They are guaranteed kitchen tools that have accumulated technique for hundreds of years. You can find the kitchen goods which have contemporary designs so they are perfect for gifts!         Global kabuto knives set     The sharpness and usability of the Global knives attract people around the world. And Read more about Luxury gift ideas for kitchen items from Japanese traditional crafts[…]